Belatedly: I’ve been up to a lot of things!

Hi friends. It’s been a busy couple of weeks settling into fall! I’ve been tattooing a lot, doing fun fall activities with friends, eating my weight in winter squash, and even got tattooed myself. Good times!

I got tattooed by the amazing Silje Røe Hagland a few weeks ago. She did a snowflake matryoshka doll on my forearm to match my snowflake hand tattoo! I’m so happy about it! I borrowed the photo from her. I can’t take pictures of my own arm like that.

My lovely client/friend Scott asked me for a gritty, sketchy, black and grey anatomical tattoo. This has been a real stretch from my usual tattooing style, and so much fun. I’m happy with how it’s coming out and it’s interesting to work in a way that is so different from my usual!

I did matching space knitting tattoos for Chanin and Erin! They were SO delightful and I wish I got to tattoo space crafts EVERY SINGLE DAY. Ladies, you can tell people you have a tattoo of a spacecraft! So funny. Or maybe only funny to me. Anyway, oh my goodness was this ever a fun tattoo. Also, I’ve belatedly realized I misspelled Chanin’s name in the photocrop. I’m so sorry, lady!

I had the privilege of tattooing a traditional eagle on my friend Tashina, who was featured in my last update too! This eagle is definitely among my favorite tattoos I’ve done to date, and good thing, because this lady is also one of my favorite people! She tipped me in shoes (she works at Buffalo Exchange), which is pretty much the most awesome thing ever, because it’s what I usually WANT to spend all my money on whether I should or not. Check these babies out:

Yeah the 90s are back. Deal with it.

I also went chanterelle hunting with my friend Lisa Maurine. We found a pretty good number of them, and then went back to my place and made delicious dinner and hung out with my gentleman friend and stoked a fire in the fireplace. Whoa guys, fall is really fun. (Photo credits to Lisa!)

Painting with pretty ladies in my living room. (Photo by Alena!)


What happens when the boyfriend leaves town?

I spend a lot of time listening to Sunn O))) and painting. I have a few things to share with you all!

First, I got my knuckles tattooed by the talented Jared Hunter of Anatomy Tattoo and I’m SUPER stoked on them. Wouldn’t you be?

I also had the pleasure of tattooing some of the summer flash from Melanie, Nick’s and my summer flash day on Jared’s lovely lady companion, Tashina. She got my two favorite things from my flash sheet: the hot dog with traditional butterfly wings and the satanic olive.

I’ve also been painting A TON, as mentioned before. My boyfriend Rob is on a short California tour with his awesome band The Shivas, so I’ve been hanging out with lots of lady friends and painting and painting and painting! I’m excited to show some of these off. Originals are for sale as always (once I get scans of them) and of course I’d LOVE to morph any of these into tattoos.

I love the movie Metropolis. Fritz Lang is a genius.


I taught my friend Alice to paint with liquid acrylics by making two copies of this rose on watercolor paper. This is the one I painted while we hung out! Not even two years ago Jared (of the above knuckle tattoos!) taught me to do this the exact same way- starting with roses – and it made me feel so nostalgic and happy to see the progress I’ve made (though I still have long way to go yet).

Last but not least, the scan of this is totally horrible and cuts off the bottom of the pearl necklace (which makes me really sad because I’m super proud of it), but this is the painting I just finished for Icon’s shop postcard. So unlike things I do on the regular and so fun. Anyone want a fierce wolf tattoo? Because I’m really excited about that fierce wolf.