birds & bees & friends & flowers

This month has been full, so far, of visitors and work and getting ripped with Lisa. Just kidding. We aren’t getting ripped but we’re going to be SO strong by April, guys, I’m serious. I’d show you a picture but no one wants to see me after cardio (worst tomatoface you’ll ever see, no lies).

Rob has been off on tour with his awesome band, The Shivas, for the last two weeks, but he’ll be home a week from today and I’m super stoked. In the meantime I’ve been tattooing my butt off, hosting a few sets of friends and friends of friends, plotting to get more done than I have, and doing my best to act like I’m sixteen and need no more than five hours of sleep a night. It’s going better than you might expect but, if your expectations are reasonable, that still isn’t very well. It’s my weekend now and time to play catch-up!

To catch up on blogging, let me show you what I’ve been up to!

I got to tattoo Chanin again and as always, she is just the most delightful person.

She made me this scarf, which is quickly becoming like a safety blanket for me (I CANNOT LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT IT), and on the same day I received my copy of The End is Here, a book that has just been put out by Zach Nelligan and Ezra Haidet at Triple Crown Tattoo Parlour. They’ve released an amazing art book yearly for a few years (three?) running, and this one is no exception. I’m so stoked to own it.

I started this crow and pocket watch on Ashley, and I am SO excited to work on it again really soon!

Blaze visited from New York and got this teeny tiny little spoon. I loved doing it. Just look how cute it is!

Lisa came all the way from Austin to get her leaves finished, and visited with her friend Alison! Since we have a close mutual friend they stayed with me, and I had SUCH a blast getting to know these ladies better. Such lovely and fun houseguests to have. Y’all come back, now, ya hear!

I embellished Tianna’s lettering on her wrist and added a lovely sprig of lily of the valley – her birth flower – and a cute, fuzzy, fat little bumblebee. I had so much fun working on her and Lisa did a beautiful little tattoo on her friend at the same time! Such a fun project, and I’m really pleased with the results (though it’d be nice to get a less bloody picture of my bee friend).

I got to do a tattoo on Lisa! It’s an extra-fancy hot air balloon with a little tiny anchor and whoa, I can’t wait to work on this again.


You have to look at two photos of this tattoo because I’m so stoked about it. Alice, you are awesome.

I got this new tattoo from Betty Marie too! LOOK HOW PRETTY IT IS. I do not have a photo of my other new tattoo by the talented Jared Hunter of Anatomy Tattoo, but I will get one when it’s done looking gross because it’s healing and you don’t want to see a picture right now anyway.

Sneak peak:


Also, if you couldn’t tell, we have a new and totally amazing place to take photos of tattoos at Icon. It is totally amazing. Did I say it was amazing? It is.

New projects for the new year.

I have more to show you than just this, but I couldn’t wait to put it up. I’m so excited about this project! Angela wanted a big, beautiful peacock tattoo on her arm. I am really stoked to work on it again. Check it out:


I’ve been busy the last week or so, but that’s all I’m showing off for now. Other than tattooing I’ve been knitting, hanging out with my guy on New Year’s Day, seeing movies, watching soccer (Everton! Who wants an Everton crest? I’ll cut you a sweet deal), and of course eating black-eyed peas for luck on the first day of the year as well. I didn’t know until I moved up here that, apparently, that’s a southern tradition only. Don’t worry, I got some collards in too.

On the work front, I’ve got a painting date with Alice next week and lots of fun things lined up – today I’m doing a big Pacific Northwest love tattoo on one of our lovely shop-girls, Candace! Yesterday I started a big coverup, of which I will post photos in a few days.

Hope the start of your 2012 has been as good as mine. See you soon!